Customer requirements:

With all staff working remotely from home, Auction House were aware of the need to look after the well-being of their employees. They understood the legal requirements for a firm to carry out DSE assessments and needed someone to do this for them quickly, reliably, and affordably.

Service Provided by Home Office Team:

Remote DSE workstation assessments were carried out for all team members individually, to identify risk and offer advice on safe working practices. Within 48 hours the Auction House team had implemented the recommendations of their assessor providing safe risk-free working environments. 

Customer feedback:

"Taking on board the recommendations made from the assessments meant we had a cost-effective solution to offering the best and safest workstations for our home workers. Our assessor Andrew went one step further and gave one of my team members a one-to-one call with suggestions for various desk exercises to keep her active throughout the day which was shared with the team and we now all practice. Great work."