Home Office Team Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessment Terms and Conditions


  1. Home Office Team is a trading name. Our contact details are Tel: 01376 791194 and Email: hello@homeofficeteam.co.uk

  2. In placing an order for an assessment, the user agrees and accepts the content of these terms as the basis upon which Home Office Team have been instructed to produce the assessment.

  3. The purpose of the assessment is to identify and minimize any potential risks of RSi (Repetitive Strain Injury) and other MSI (Musculoskeletal Injury) the user may face from their workstation.

  4. All assessments and any recommendations made are carried out on the information supplied by the user when they complete the checklist. Home Office Team cannot be held liable for any recommendations made on the basis of incorrect information supplied by the user.

  5. Payment for the assessment is non-refundable once information and photographs have been supplied by a user.

  6. If the user has any pre-determined medical symptoms or diagnosis that affects their day to day use of DSE including and not limited to existing or diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome, diagnosed Repetitive Strain Injuries, diagnosed Upper limb disorders or lower limb disorders or any pre-determined musculoskeletal problems, Home Office Team may at their sole discretion determine that the assessment will be of no benefit to the user and not continue with the assessment. They may however be able to make non-medical recommendations for products that could assist and be of benefit to the user.

  7. Any product recommendations made by Home Office Team are made in good faith with the intention to assist a user and Home Office Team will accept no liability for a user’s purchase and use of a product purchased on the basis of a recommendation.

  8. The DSE assessments are a legal requirement under the health and safety DSE regulations 1992. In order to comply with the legal requirement, a DSE assessment must be successfully completed by Home Office Team.

  9. Home Office Team DSE assessments need to be completed individually with one for each separate user. Home Office Team DSE Assessments offer non-medical advice but do allow users to comply with a company’s legal obligations relating to the Health and Safety DSE regulations 1992.

  10. The assessment will identify which postures are correct and make recommendations in line with the Health and safety executive (HSE) as to improvements in the user’s workstation.

  11. The recommendations provided by Home Office Team are recommendations only and shall not be construed as trained medical advice.

  12. Home Office Team accept no liability for failure to implement or incorrect implementation of any recommendations.

  13. All assessments are carried out by a qualified DSE Assessor, though for the avoidance of doubt a qualified DSE assessor is not a medically trained professional.

  14. By supplying photos where requested of the workstation, this can assist the assessor further in providing more accurate recommendations.

  15. In ordering an assessment, the user consents to Home Office Team retaining and storing any photographs or personal information provided for a period of 6 years. Home Office Team comply with all requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018.