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What is a DSE Assessment?

A DSE (Display Screen Equipment) assessment is a report required by law to identify and remove the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) to computer equipment users at home & in the office.


Your assessment gives recommendations, in line with HSE Guidelines to help prevent workstation related injuries, such as Back pain, Neck pain, Wrist pain & other musculoskeletal disorders from leaning or stretching to use your laptop. An essential  service for home workers.

The benefits of an assessment

  • Its a legal requirement

  • Show your home workers you care for their wellbeing

  • Increase productivity and efficiency

  • Minimise the risk of RSI to your staff

  • Reduce absence from RSI related injuries

  • Reduce your exposure to work-related injury claims 

  • Comply with your Health and Safety legal obligations

  • Train your staff to avoid potential injuries

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Who is a DSE user?

  • Someone who uses a laptop or computer equipment on a daily basis for an hour or more at a time.

  • The law applies to Remote Home workers and fixed station workers.

  • The law applies to part-time & full-time workers.


"I was not aware of the need for a DSE assessment until I spoke to Home Office Team team and they explained the benefits of assessing my staff working from home."


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